Sunday, January 21, 2018

Organization and Goals - The Ever-Changing Madness

It seems like every year I start to commit to the organization of my card collection.  Cards get sorted, boxed, etc.  Then I begin to think, "What are my collecting goals?"  As far as cards go, it has always been my George Brett PC and to complete a run of Topps sets from 1973 to the present.  Then I head to my LCS or local show and buy something outside of these goals and the card piles begin again.

I used to limit my online card hunts to eBay, COMC, and other card blogs.  Last year I ventured into finding collectors via Twitter.  I quickly realized that my organization was very counter-productive to trading with others.  Sure, there are set collectors out there, but what I found were many more team collectors that made my search for trade-worthy material painful.  If I need a stack of Red Sox, it would take me hours to search everything that has been numerically ordered by individual sets.  Need a David Ortiz?  Let me pull out the SCD Standard Catalog and look up those card numbers, then go to the right box, only to realize I don't have that card.  Does it really make sense to put my eighteen 1983 Topps Bucky Dent #565 cards next to my seven Manny Sarmiento #566 cards???  Probably not!  Especially since my 1983 Topps set has been completed for many years.

So I begin the painful reorganization of many boxes of cards.  My plan is to pull any singles that I need to complete my sets that I am working on.  Then take the other cards and start dividing them into teams but also setting aside star players from each team.  This should only take me 5 or 10 years.....

So here is my new updated list of collecting goals which is much more in tune with what I actually collect.  In order, my current collecting goals are:

1.  George Brett PC
- This blog will continue to feature posts of all my George Brett cards in my PC.  I post the new featured cards on this page.
2.  1956 Topps Set.
- When complete, I will pick another pre-1973 set to work on.  My set want list will continue to be updated here.
3.  Royals Bobbleheads.
- I have every SGA bobblehead from Royals home games.  You will most likely see something about this in the future.
4.  Salvador Perez PC
- My newest Royal PC.  These may not appear on my blog but I will continue to search for cards that I don't have.
5.  Royals Team Sets from 1969-present.
- My Royals Team Set want list will be updated here as I work on the organization of my collection.
6.  Topps Sets from 1973 to present.
- I still need a few more, but will probably just purchase complete sets to fill in what I don't have.
7.  Autographed OMLB from each member of the 2015 World Series Champions.
- Currently over halfway there.
8.  2000 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Jersey Subset
- Started this probably 10 years ago.  I have posted about this before, although not recently because I am down to needing the Musial, Mays, and Gehrig cards which are rarely seen and will require $$$.  My collection can be seen here although I see this needs to be updated.
9.  2013 Upper Deck Lettermen Collin Klein
-  I NEED the "A".  Who has it?
10. EVERYTHING ELSE including other sets that I have collected through the years like the early 80s Donruss and Fleer sets.

Happy Collecting!


  1. I look forward to seeing progress from anyone who is collecting the Royals!

    Are you a stickler on card condition for your team sets? I have a spare '76 Brett I can send you, but is somewhat "loved.". :)

    1. I actually have the 76 I need for my team set. I had only went through my Royals box and not my Brett box. Thanks for the offer though. Perhaps, we can find something else we are both interested in.

  2. Totally agree. My cards are so all over it takes way too long to put together a trade package.