Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let 2014 Begin...

Amidst all of the 2014 Topps posts, I thought I would go ahead and add to them.  I decided to try my fate with a Jumbo Hobby Box from my local LCS.  Here are some of thoughts after opening my first pack.

First Card:  Buster Posey - nice pearly whites.  I didn't know that Upper Deck was back to making cards.....wait, there is a Topps logo on it.  I guess I don't mind Topps not doing anything groundbreaking here.  After all, it is their base set so I probably shouldn't expect much.  However, every once and a while, I would like to see them do something outside the norm.  I guess they are saving that for their other 72 sets this year.

First Royal:  Yordano Ventura.  Fastest recorded pitch of a major league debut last year at over 101mph.  Should be contending for a spot in the rotation this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if he starts in Omaha before coming up in late May-early June especially after the re-signing of Bruce Chen this week.  Dear Dayton Moore....just go for it and put the kid in the rotation!

Power Players: Jose Altuve.  Good young 2nd basemen.  Create an account, register the code, have a chance to win fabulous prizes.  This is getting old Topps.  Unless the code is going to get me an actual vintage card like a few years ago, I am not really interested.

Red Foil Parallel:  Former Royal catcher Brayan Pena.  Cards have a nice look to them.  Maybe I will try to get the Royals team but do we really need 72 parallel versions each year (actually only 11)?

Last Card:  Former Royal outfielder David DeJesus.  If he can win Royals player of the year in his rookie season, then you know what Royals fans have had to deal with the last 25+  years.  Let's hope this year is different.

Summary:  330/331 Base Cards.  Can we just put #7 back in the set???  Need #218 Matt Dominguez...anyone, anyone wanna trade?  Inserts sets?  Nothing to see here...very boring!!!  89 Topps Die-cut?  I feel like I need to peel the sticker and put it in my sticker album.  Oops, its not a sticker.  Sorry, Joe Mauer.  

My 3 Relics?  Kolten Wong auto is OK.  Fred Lynn Rookie Cup All Star....widest damn card I've ever seen.  Would rather have the Matt Dominguez and 10 other base doubles.  Finally, a *($#*($  #@*($*)($$ jersey relic of someone that will not be playing in 2014 because of a suspension.  This could be yours for your unwanted Royals, anyone, anyone?  Guess not.  Oh well!


  1. Sorry Superduperman99....just traded that to a friend of mine for a James Shields card. Royals over Cardinals! Just wish it was that way in the final standings!