Tuesday, February 4, 2014

George Brett Card of the Day #1

In an effort to blog more in 2014 AND get my George Brett PC under control I am hopeful to do a post about my George Brett cards.  I don't plan on doing the posts in any sort of order, rather to just pick a random card from my collection and highlight it.  I will also be posting the card scans on a separate page of my blog here.

The first card in the series goes to the 1976 SSPC George Brett #167.

This set, originally printed in 1975, challenged the Topps monopoly in the card market.  Based on the 1953 Bowman design, this set is sometimes referred to as the "Pure Card" as the fronts are strictly player photos.  The set maker was eventually sued by Topps and further production of these sets was prohibited.  (http://www.baseballcardpedia.com/)

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