Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 10 Cards Added to My Collection in 2013

While I have not posted much this year, I have continued to add cards to my collection.  Looking and buying is much easier than taking the time to write about it.  I need to do a better job this year of making sure to post regularly to my blog.  Part of my problem is that I have decided to start working on my doctorate this year.  If all goes as planned, I will finish in 2017.  I will finish 2013 with the Top 10 cards that I have added to my collection since the beginning of the year.

#10 - 2013 Topps Cut to the Chase Mike Schmidt Relic 5/25

I pulled this out of a pack of Topps this year.  Probably my best pull ever.  Plus I think the design is just plain cool.

#9 - 1953 Red Man Tobacco Jackie Jensen PSA 3

My first "tobacco" card.  I have always like the look of these Red Man cards and I was able to pick this up pretty cheaply.  

#8 - 1961 Topps Jerry Lumpe

Besides being a Kansas City Athletic, Jerry Lumpe is the namesake of my fantasy baseball league.  One of the guys in my league grew up around Lumpe and knows him quite well.

#7 - 1950 Bowman Bob Swift PSA 3

Bob Swift hails from Kipp, Kansas and belongs in my native Kansan collection.

#6 - 2013 Upper Deck Lettermen Collin Klein AUTO 2/50

Following a fantastic senior season, this Kansas State Wildcat won the Johnny Unitas Award, was a Heisman finalist and led my alma mater to the Fiesta Bowl.

#5 - 1976 Topps Cloth Sticker George Brett

After many years of passing on this card/sticker, I picked one up at the local card show this past summer.

#4 - 2000 Upper Deck Legendary Jersey Mickey Mantle

One of the big cards that I needed to inch closer to completing this subset.  Don't know if I will ever finish it, but this helped.  My first Mantle jersey card.

#3 - 2000 Upper Deck Legendary Jersey Sandy Koufax

Again a card that gets me closer to finish this subset.  I had never ever seen one of these until I happened to see it on an eBay auction.  Made an offer and it was mine.

#2 - 1973 Topps Rookie 3rd Basemen
Ron Cey, John Hilton, Mike Schmidt

Picked up the crown jewel of the 1973 Topps set at my local card shop.  Best known for being the Mike Schmidt rookie card, let's not forget that this is also the rookie card of the "Penguin".


#1 - T206 Sweet Caporal Joe Tinker PSA 1

My first T206 card, and I really don't care what condition it is in!  Best known for being the Cubs shortstop of "Tinker to Evers to Chance" fame.  Tinker is a native Kansan born in Muscotah.  To see what the town is doing to remember this Hall of Famer, click here.