Friday, July 5, 2013

Trade Post - $30

I recently completed a huge trade with Robert over at $30 A Week Habit.  He had recently posted about his 1973 Topps project and I thought I might be able to give him a hand since I am down to 2 cards on my 1973 Topps set.  I contacted him and a few emails later we were sending one another some pretty good sized packages.  He was able to put together some cards that I still needed from my 2012 and 2013 Topps and Topps Heritage want lists.  Those list can be found here.  Here are some of the highlights from his half of the trade.

When I first opened the package I noticed a couple of Royals.  One that currently plays for the Reds and another that is currently on the D.L. recovering from Tommy John surgery.  Both happen to be the Blue Wal Mart variety.

The next two are also Royals, and neither of them are currently with the team (or perhaps, any team!).

The next card is also a current Royal, but one that is currently battling back from Tommy John surgery.  He was recently optioned to AAA Omaha after his rehab stint.  So all these highlights are Royals that are either "former Royals" or "rehabbing Royals".  That might explain a lot about my team.

The next highlight is actually a current Royal that isn't rehabbing...yeah!  However, I should state that his last few appearances have been less than stellar.  But he will always have that #1 pick status going for him.

The biggest stash of cards didn't actually include any Royals, but it knocked off quite a bit of my 2013 Heritage want list.  The picture even has by next set project in the background.

Finally, one of my favorite cards of the trade and one of the greatest players of all time.  A 2013 Topps Cut to the Chase Willie Mays.

Thanks Robert!

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  1. My pleasure Matt! Look forward to our next trade...