Friday, October 19, 2012

What is better than entering a blogger's contest and winning....

NOT entering a blogger's contest and STILL winning.  Thanks to Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders for having a contest in which: 1) I won and got some great prizes; 2) I didn't have to enter; and 3) I ended up with new followers on my blog.  Based upon the name of his blog and how Verlander has pitched this year, I would like to predict that one of them will win either a Blogger of the Year Award and/or the Cy Young Award.   Maybe both will come true.

I must say that the main contest prize was a pretty cool Jayson Werth manufactured bat barrel card from 2010 Topps Update.  This is my first barrel card and while I don't think I would pursue any more of these cards unless it were someone in my PC it is still cool to have in my collection.  It is, by far, the thickest card in my collection.

The rest of the loot will fit nicely in my Royals collection as Dennis included a large number of random Royals covering many years.  Some of my favorites in his stash included this 1983 Fleer two card set of Bud Black and Vida Blue.  I remember loving how they would make two cards form one picture.  I am not so much of a fan of this anymore, but as a 10 year old kid, it was supercool!

A few of the cards were of the Chrome variety including this 2006 Bowman Chrome Futures Game Alex Gordon and the 2001 Topps Chrome Golden Anniversary Bo Jackson.

But the really big surprise was the card I actually didn't see until the end. A card from a Royal.  A card from my favorite player.  A rookie card.  A 1975 Topps card.  A piece of cardboard that has definitely been appreciated....I love it!  Thanks Dennis for the contest and letting me win even though I didn't even enter.  Definitely, the best contest ever, and the reason I love blogging!


  1. You're welcome, and like I said, welcome back!

  2. As a Padre fan, I can always appreciate a good old school Bud Black card. The dude needs to bring that stache BACK.