Tuesday, March 20, 2012

COMC Purchase - 2000 Topps HD and One Card Challenge Request

My second group of cards from my recent purchase at COMC was all but 2 of the cards that I needed to complete my 2000 Topps HD set.  This set is something that I recently have been trying to complete as I mostly forgot about it after I received a box of this back in 2000.  The box was a birthday present from my wife and it was the first time that I had bought or received any high-end cards (at least I considered it high-end then).  After striking out at a number of shows and shops looking for these, I decided to see what COMC had.  Luckily, they had all but 2 cards that I needed and I was able to get almost all of them for between 25-35 cents each.

I remember loving the quality of the pictures when I opened my first pack.  The cards are also printed on very thick card stock to the point that they almost have that "credit card" feel.  Here are three of the cards that I received in my purchase, all of them some of the games great players:  Alomar, Boggs, and Griffey.

Before receiving these cards I would have said I really loved the set, but the next three cards changed my mind.  Can you figure out why?

It is a good thing that the name is on the back of their jersey because the photos that they decided to use reveal nothing of their face.  I hadn't noticed this before with the cards but I am now a little disappointed with what Topps did.  While I appreciate the action shots of all three, I can't help but wonder how better the cards could have been if the photo was taken from the opposite side.

This did bring me within 2 cards from completion of this set.  One of which I have since bought in a lot on eBay.  I probably wouldn't have purchased the lot, but I was able to get the Juan Gonzalez card along with 21 other cards including some duplicates of the above cards for only $2.50 with free shipping.  I decided I couldn't pass that up, and the other cards would make good trade bait.  So if anybody is interested in some 2000 Topps HD, I will try to post what I have on my trade page later.

This leaves me with only 1 card remaining and another One Card Challenge.  My last remaining card is #76 Sean Casey.  If anyone has this, let me know and we can work out a trade.


  1. I think I posted the Griffey card myself. Awesome cards.

  2. I like those back of the jersey photos, with the provision that they are not overused and are used on recognizable players. McGwire literally has thousands of cards. I know what he looks like, but this card gives you a perspective of sitting behind the first base dugout. I wouldn't want an entire set of cards like this, but sometimes they can work.

  3. Can Boggs pants BE any tighter, gross. Reminds me of John Stockton or Larry Bird shorts. Ugh.