Sunday, March 4, 2012

Collecting Goals - A Look Back at the First 2 Months of 2012

For the first time this year, I set some collecting goals for myself figuring that would keep me on task rather than the usual randomness of my collecting.  I figured now would be a good time to go back and see what I have done since a goal is only as good as the effort put into it.  Back in January, here is what I listed as my 5 goals for 2012, where I was then, where I am today and how I got there.

1.  Complete the 1973 Topps Set.  43.5% Complete on 1/1/2012.  75.5% Complete (498/660) on 3/4/2012.   2 trades/1 eBay purchase/COMC.

2.  Complete the 1983 Topps Set.  98.4% Complete on 1/1/2012.  98.5% Complete (780/792) on 3/4/2012.  1 trade with 2 more on the way.

3.  Complete the 2000 Topps HD Set.  76% Complete on 1/1/2012.  98% Complete (98/100) on 3/4/2012 (Need 76 Sean Casey and 78 Juan Gonzalez).  2 eBay purchases/COMC.

4.  Complete the 2009-2012 Topps Base Sets.  None completed on 1/1/2012.  Only ones currently not done as of 3/4/2012 are 2009 Series I (One Card Challenge) and 2010 Series II (Need 4 Cards).  This has been my biggest success through a LCS/5 trades/4 eBay purchases/COMC.

5.  Start working on 1 set per decade beginning in the 1970s.  1973, 1983 were started by 1/1/2012.  1973 and 1983 still going, 1991 and 1992 started and about to be done with a couple trades, no 2000s started yet.  Upon completion, the next sets to be started will be 1975, 1981, 1993, and ???.

I think I have made quite a bit of progress over the last two months.  I was hoping to have the 1983 set out of the way, but I have a couple trades in the works that will bring in most of those and then I will finish it off from COMC.  So while I am disappointed with that, I am pretty sure that I can have that one crossed off before the end of the month.  I would also like to get the 2000 Topps HD finished soon.  I am down to 2 cards but am having a hard time locating them.  The recent Topps base sets are where I have really had success.  Looks like I will be able to get those knocked out within the month as well.

However, my #1 goal, my big project, 1973 Topps, will keep me busy throughout the year.  I am getting to the point where all I have left are the star cards and the high number series.  I am hopeful that I can get to some card shows this summer to try to get some good prices on those cards and work toward completion.

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