Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Trade Post #10 - Hobbs' Knights - 91 Topps Set Completed

Jason from Hobb's Knights sent me some great cards including many of my set needs and some Royals.  The first group of cards I would like to highlight are two names that you won't come across often, Gene Harris and Jeff Pico.  They are quite important to my collection though as they are the last two cards in my 1991 Topps Set.  Mission completed!

He also sent me some 2011 Heritage and some 2011 Year of Topps Insert cards.  I am now over halfway finished with that insert set.  Gotta love me some "Country Breakfast"!  And for those of you outside the KC area, that just happens to be the fan created nickname of Royals DH Billy Butler.  With Butler size and speed, most Royals assume there hasn't been a country breakfast that Billy didn't finish.

The trade include some 2009 Topps American Heritage cards, one of which is a short print of the 2008 Presidential Election.  Being a history teacher, I really like this set along with the American Heritage Heroes set.  I have used those cards as a good conversation starter/lesson plan in some of my classes.

Finally, Jason sent over quite a few Royals including cards of two my favorite Royals, George Brett and Dan Quisenberry.  One of the cards is quite unique as I had not seen this set before.  The 1998 Skybox Dean Palmer is clear on the right side.  You probably cannot see that on the scan, but Palmer is raised up on the card while the entire right side of the card is clear plastic.  Very cool! 

Thanks again Jason!

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