Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who Knew A Trip to the Dentist Would Be the Highlight of My Day!

Or at least the events after the trip were the highlight of my day.  A week and a half ago I spent 38 straight hours awake.  Not because I was busy working, but because a had a ridiculous toothache that only got worse when I laid down.  Turns out I needed my first root canal.  Not much fun, but definitely not even close to what people said it was going to be like.  Actually, it was absolutely painless.  I did get to sort through a lot of cards though instead of getting some sleep.

So today I head to my regular dentist to get a temporary crown put on that tooth.  Turns out this is more painful than the whole root canal thing.  Anyway, before I head back to work I decide to hit the Dollar General store in search of some cheap!  However, it just so happens that the other half of the building is a antique mall.  Now you know where this is going.....

Upon looking at the first glass case I notice some baseball cards.  Wow, a complete 1990 Score set for $20.   I immediately asked the nice lady to open the case so I could get a closer look at......the 3 cards sitting next to the set.  The first was a 1971 Frank Bertaina for $0.10.  Sold!  I am not collecting the 71 set.  I am not even collecting Cardinals, but I will always spend a dime on a piece of 41 year old cardboard.

The other two cards are what actually caught my eye.  Both 1973 Topps, the current obsession of my set collecting.  I dig out my phone to search my blog to make sure that I need them.  I really think the lady thought I was going to be checking prices or something because I got this strange look from her when I did this.  The first card was a 1973 Bobby Winkles, manager of the California Angels (I really wish they would have kept the California name instead of becoming the LA Angels).  I already have this card but I thought it would be a upgrade for what I currently had so I grabbed it for $0.45.  Turns out the cards had a scratch across the face of it that you can see in the scan.  While the corners are better than what I currently have, I am afraid this card is going to my doubles box.  However, I discovered an oddity about one of the coaches on this card, that will warrant a later post.

The next card was a 1973 Dave Marshall #513 and I needed it.  So I plunked down a couple quarters for this one so I could come home and mark off one more card on my 1973 Topps want list.  

Dave Marshall would finish a 7 years major league career in 1973 with the San Diego Padres.  I found the back of the card more intriguing for a couple of reasons.  First, the write-up says he was able to hit 3 Grand Slammers during his NL career.  It then goes on to specifically mention the first and second ones giving the date and opponent.  I guess the third just wasn't that important as it is not mentioned at all.  However, the cartoon on the back summarizes Dave's career with what every players dreads...."Dave is an effective pinch-hitter." At least he was able to have 7 years in the majors even if he wasn't an "effective everyday hitter."  I miss those great cartoons.

So the trip to the dentist was not a total waste.  Three pieces of 40 year old cardboard for $1.05, and the highlight of my day!


  1. Nice finds! I, too, had my first root canal and crown back in December. You are right--it wasn't nearly as bad as I have heard, but certainly not a fun time! I am glad you came through it ok, and even got a few cool cards to commemorate the event.