Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Trade Post #3 - Potch Wheeler

My 3rd trade post of the year is a great one for me.  After working out the details, we both ended up attaching a little extra into the package.  For me it was getting most of my 2011 Update wants taken care of and I hope Darren found some good 1983 Topps in his package.  In the original deal we worked out I was able to finish off my 2011 Topps Series 1 set which I was glad to cross off the list.  I also received some 2011 Series 2 cards, some Year of Topps inserts, some 2011 Heritage, and the always nice "Royals lot" that he includes.

Some of the Heritage that I received included 2 of the SPs which make up most of my wantlist now.  I usually don't collect any subsets, but last year I decided on the Year of Topps set.  He included a handful of cards that filled some of those wants as well.  If you have anything from those two sets or others, please fill free to check out my Want List here as well as my Items for Trade here.

The rest is part of the "Royals lot" that Potch sent me with one exception.  Just like the Heritage Dodger Matt Kemp above, I also got his Update card as well.  Kemp had a phenomenal season last year for the Dodgers finishing 2nd in the MVP race.  While we know who won it, and the subsequent failed test that followed, I still believe Kemp had the better season.  Was he the "most valuable" to his team????  I don't know, but I really enjoyed watching Kemp play last season.  I got to watch the Dodgers in person during Spring Training a couple of times and watching athletes like Kemp and Kershaw did not disappoint especially when they went on to have stellar season.

While Potch threw in some older Royals with the trade I have showcased the 2011 cards above.  The two catchers, Brayan Pena and Matt Treanor, were basically platooning until rookie Salvador Perez came up.  If Perez can continue where he left off, I would venture to say Pena will only be playing when Perez needs a rest.  Jeff Francoeur, had a great season in right field.  One of the few free agent signings in the last few years, that have paid off.  Frenchy proved many of the critics wrong with his great defensive play and above average hitting.  Finally, two Topps 60 cards of Billy Butler and rookie pitcher Danny Duffy.  While Butler has maintained his consistency throughout his career as a great "doubles" hitter including hitting into many double plays, Duffy came into the rotation and struggled a little.  Duffy has some great stuff and it still considered to be a mainstay in the Royals rotation for years to come, but I hope he can put together a stronger sophomore season and live up to the praise he has been given.  

Thanks to Darren over at Potch Wheeler and The Cardboard Heroes.  Another great trade with much more than I could ask for.  Thanks for the generosity!

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