Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Trade Post #2 - Arbitrary Crap

As I continue to try to put together more trades for 2012, I ran across Martyn's blog Arbitrary Crap.  Martyn was my first "foreign" trade as he resides in the United Kingdom.  If you have ever wondered what exactly is the difference between the UK, Great Britian, and England then watch this short educational video on The United Kingdom Explained...

I had a few cards from the 2011 Topps 60 insert set that he has been putting together.  In exchange, he sent me some cards to fill some of my wants with three 2011 sets.  I got three cards from the Topps base set, 3 from the Heritage set, and 6 from the Year of Topps insert set.  I usually just try to build the base set and use all the inserts for trading, but I decided last year to pick an insert set to try to complete.  Martyn was able to fill some holes with some cool cards from that set.  Here is part of my haul that I brought in...

Thanks Martyn for a great trade.


  1. No problems glad they got their safe, that video is funny! Makes a mockery of the monarchy! Of which I'm not a believer!

  2. When the kids in my World History class ask about the difference, I usually show them this video. They get a kick out of it.