Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st eTopps Card

2005 eTopps CE5 - Tarred Home Run

I acquired my first eTopps card for my George Brett collection this week, a 2005 Classic Events card of the Pine Tar Home Run against the Yankees.  I was able to pick this up on eBay over the holiday break very cheap.  I have never paid much attention to eTopps.  I know some people love them and some people hate them because of the Topps customer service experience.  For me, it is a great card to add to my collection as a Christmas present to myself.  If anybody know of a good site (non-Topps) that has more information about the eTopps program, please let me know.  For example, will the serial number on the back tell me anything about the card and if so, where can I find out that information?

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