Monday, October 10, 2011

Trade Post

I have been behind in my posting recently so I am working on getting caught up.  First off is a trade post with blog reader Steve.  This was our second trade and one in which I was able to fill quite a few of my needs from 2009, 2010, and 2011 Topps sets.

Included in the trade were a number of wants as well as some former and current Royals.  The first couple of scans are from players that have had some playoff implications this year.  The first is David Murphy of the Rangers.  The second is a former Brewer so you might say what does he have to do with this year's playoffs.  Lorenzo Cain was one piece of the trade that brought Zack Grienke to the Brewers from the Royals.  We know what Grienke has done for the Brewers this year, and we know where the Royals finished this year (NOT in last as usual though!).  Cain, however, did not see any time in Kansas City until the last week of the season.  However, he did put up some very good numbers this year in AAA Omaha - .312/.380/.497 - 16 HR - 81 RBI - 16 SB.  He will either be a piece of the Royals next year or may be used as trade bait for some starting pitching.

The other two may only be remembered by Royals fans and some my wonder why Ryan Braun is pictured on a Royals card....completely different Ryan Braun!  However, Emil Brown will resonate some feelings by Royals fans albeit ones that I hope are now in the past.  Emil was what Royals fan have been accustomed to, a average player brought in to fill gaps, on an otherwise terrible team.  A place for average free agents to go to resurrect their career before moving on.  I hope that is starting to change as the Royals minor league system has been built and we are now seeing the benefits of those high draft picks.

Royals - World Series Champions - 2014......let me dream!

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