Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trade Post w/ Jason @ Hobbs' Knights

A big thank you goes out to Jason at Hobbs' Knights for sending me some great cards in a number of different sets that I am working on!

He was able to knock out a few more of my 2011 Topps needs including one of the great young players in our game, Starlin Castro.  Being a Cubs fan from the time that cable TV first came to our living room, I am hopeful that Castro will be the building block behind a Cubs resurrection rather than a trade piece to rebuild their depleted minor league system.  Jason aslo included some 1973 Topps on top of what we agreed to.  This has been a set that I recently started on and will be my first vintage set (when completed).

The 2009 Topps American Heritage set is one that I enjoy because of the historical topic.  Being a history teacher and a baseball fan, I have appreciated Topps trying to put both of my interests into a few sets over the years.  From Mr. Common Sense to Broadway Joe, I enjoy the backs of the cards as much as the fronts.  Does anyone recall what major court case Thurgood Marshall won prior to being named to the Supreme Court bench?  Hint:  It centers around a Kansas case.  Answer below.

Finally, some more of my 2011 Topps Heritage needs get erased with a couple of cards from players that I am currently watching as I type (although you are reading this a few days later!).  Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli are trying to get the Rangers into the World Series.  The score is 2-0 in the top of the 2nd of game 2.  And finally, for my good friend and diehard Twins fan Wayne.  I give you the Twin Terrors in most years, but probably more terrifying to Twins fans this year as both battled injuries throughout a long season.  At least they let my Royals get out of the cellar!

Trivia Answer......Brown v. Topeka Board of Education, 1954.


  1. Do you have a want list posted somewhere?

  2. Look at the top of the blog.