Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trade Package of Michael Jordan Lookalikes and Former Royals

Sometimes when I am trying to complete a set I get more worried about filling the empty slots in the album rather than taking some time to look at the cards I get.  Sure I am checking some numbers off the want list but I may never look at these cards again.  So today as I was browsing through my trade package from Scott at Hand Collated I noticed something peculiar about the last three cards in the 2011 Topps stack he sent me.  Along with the 2009 Jason Giambi, I think you will see what drew my attention.  Do your best impression of Michael Jordan.....with the tongue out.

A couple of other cards that caught my attention were some former Royals.  David DeJesus was one of my favorite players the last couple of years, but after a trade to Oakland all that I am left with is the DeJesus t-shirt that I happened to be wearing today.  The other player was perhaps, the biggest waste of cash that the Royals have ever spent in free agency...and that is saying a lot considering our spending over the last two decades.  Kansas City fans were finally freed of the Jose Guillen debacle of the last couple of years when he went to the Giants at the end of the season.  While he still had some pop in the bat, the strikeouts and the atrocious defense were enough to make any fan turn on a player.  Now we know that the remaining pop in the old bat was courtesy of a little HGH bought as a gift from his wife.

I guess I just need to take a little time to see what I am getting.  You never know what will catch your eye.  Thanks again Scott for a great trade.

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