Friday, April 22, 2011

Harold from Delaware is the Man! - Blog Namesake Set Completed

After starting this blog just over a year ago hoping to complete the first set that I ever started, I can now say that it is COMPLETE!  Harold from Delaware sent me the remaining 25 cards that I needed along with plenty of 2011 Topps and some Royals cards.  Upon entering into the card blog sphere and the trading that ensued, I have completed many trades but none sweeter than this one.  26 Cent Summer was started as a way to honor the 1980 Topps set that I started back when I was 6.  I had no idea that the first pack of cards that my dad bought me would lead to a lifelong hobby, nor did I know that it would take 31 years to complete that first set.  What a feeling it is!

Here are some of the cards that Harold sent me to complete my 1980 Topps set and also some Royals he sent along the way, including my current favorite player, Billy Butler.

And finally, here is the first page of my notebook that contains the COMPLETE 1980 Topps Set.  I not only want to thank Harold, but also Matt, Jeremy, and Darren who helped me complete the namesake set of 26 Cent Summer with some great trades over the last year.

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  1. Nice. 1980 was the first set I completed too (except for 1979 football, not sure which was first).
    That set draws the line between vintage and modern in my mind. Any sets after it (up until about '84 when I quit) are "the basics", i.e. the definition of the basic or default baseball card. Sets before it are classic vintage, and after that period are the precursors to the junk wax era (which I skipped entirely).
    When I see players from this set in later issues and on different teams, it throws me off. I always associate most of the players in this set with the teams they appeared on here.