Monday, April 25, 2011

2000 Topps HD Trade Package...but I still need 24 more...any help?

I got home today and in the mail were the cards of a recent trade with Ron from New Jersey.  I traded some 2010 Topps Inserts for 3 2000 Topps HD cards.  A while back I dug through an old box and found these cards again.  This was the first "high end" box that I ever got to open thanks to a birthday present from my wife.  From Ron I received the Travis Lee, Randy Johnson, and Jose Canseco cards.  As you can see the photos on both sides are amazing with very high quality images.  This brings my want list down to 24 cards.  I never did buy any other packs of Topps HD back then so I am looking to finish this set off 11 years later via trades.  So if any of you have any 2000 Topps HD laying around check out my want list and let me know what you have.  Thanks Ron for getting me a little bit closer to the end!

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  1. Was just wondering if you have another copy of the Jose Canseco or know of another that would be available for trade or sale. Would be willing to buy yours as well if you still have it and want to sell it. Need it for my Canseco PC. you can contact me at