Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Day in Baseball Card History - ???

I have always wanted to take a card and try to figure out when, where, and at what point of the game the photo was taken.  I saw another blogger do this a few weeks ago so I thought I would try it with one of the cards from my favorite player, George Brett.  The card in question is the 1994 Topps George Brett.

Royals Stadium is the location.  The game is a Royals-Brewers game.  The score is 4-1 in the bottom of the 2nd inning.  The count is 2 balls, 2 strikes and this ball was put into play.  Brett is also 0 for 1 with 1 RBI on the day.  It is a day game and the time is 2:21.  We also know the bottom of the Royals order is Hiatt, Gagne, Wilson with Haney pitching.  With the famous Royals crown scoreboard in the background this should be easy!

With a little investigation of the Royals Schedule we can narrow it down to a couple of home series with the Brewers.  Based on the current score and the final scores of those games we can narrow it down the exact day.  This was Brett's second at-bat of the day.  In his first at-bat he hit a sacrifice fly that scored one of three Royals runs in the 1st inning.  In the bottom of the 2nd inning Brett worked a 2-2 count before grounding out in his last at-bat of the day.  The Royals would go on to win the game 8-7 and push their record to 30-24.  Others on the card include Brewers pitcher Jaime Navarro, catcher Joe Kmak, 2nd base umpire Dave Phillips, and home plate umpire Rocky Roe.

Sunday, June 6, 1993

Thanks to for providing the official box score for the game.

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