Sunday, March 6, 2011

I forgot I had those.....

Today, while going through a 5000 count box of cards I ran across some of the first "high end" cards that I ever collected.  I remember that my wife bought me a box of them for my birthday and I opened them thinking how impressive the picture quality was.  It was basically the same feeling I had when Topps Stadium Club first came out, but these were much cooler.  When I gave up on collecting in 2002 I pretty much forgot about these until today.  I came across my 2nd favorite player, Mark Grace, while going through this set.  Even though I grew up in Kansas, when we first got cable TV (and all 13 channels that came with it!) I spent my summers watching the Cubs on WGN every afternoon.

I also scanned in the Derek Jeter Ballpark Figures insert.  Although I am definitely not a Yankee fan I can appreciate what Jeter has meant to the Yankees during the last 16 years.  I was not real impressed with this insert set compared to the base set.  I guess having ballpark attendance figures on the back of the card was kind of a letdown.

This was also one of my first "box breaks" as I usually just bought a few packs at a time.  I was able to put together 73/100 base cards while collecting 3 inserts also.  Considering there were 20 packs of 4 cards each, I guess Topps decided to count the 4 checklists I pulledd as "cards" even though they are on regular card stock.  Anyway, I have updated my want list to include the remaining 2000 Topps HD cards needed to complete my set.  I would love to get this set and my 1980 Topps set finished off in the next couple of months.

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