Saturday, February 26, 2011

EMAW Series - Coming Soon

So what the heck is an EMAW?  And what is it doing on a baseball card blog?  First of all, EMAW is an acronym for Every Man A Wildcat.  It has come to be a symbol of fans from my alma mater, Kansas State University.  After reading a number of  card blogs with many posts that are significant to those particular blogs, I decided that it was time for 26 Cent Summer to have something of its own.  Therefore, I will soon introduce to the blogging world the EMAW Series, a set of posts chronicling the players that have been an important part of Kansas State University athletics.  While this series will not be limited to baseball, I will focus on those former players that have made their way into the cardboard world.  I hope to include a mix of older and new K-Staters as this series progresses.  So may the blogging world beware, EMAW is coming to you!

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