Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cards You Won't Find in a Player Checklist

As a George Brett collector, I tried to keep up with all of his cards during his playing days.  Since retirement, that has been virtually impossible.  However, there are always cards out there for the player collector that will almost certainly never come up in a search of that player's cards.  Toward the end of Brett's career I never would have imagined to look anywhere but on his own cards.  In 1993 I came across a card in a pack of Score Select that caught my eye.  It was not because Roberto Alomar might become a Hall-of-Famer, nor was it because I was a Blue Jays fan.  Take a look at Alomar turning the 6-4-3 double play....
I would also never have thought to look at any non-baseball set either until I saw....anybody care to offer a guess???

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