Monday, March 29, 2010

Tickets are Here

Our Royals tickets arrived in the mail this past week, the sign that Opening Day will soon be here.  My wife gave me a wonderful gift a couple of years ago for Christmas of a 10 game pack to the Royals games.  While season tickets would be great, we live 3 hours away so they are not very practical.  We do enjoy going to KC and the games so 10 games is just about right.

We also received our Twins tickets yesterday for a series at the new Target Field.  We are exciting to be heading up north with some good friends of ours to enjoy Minneapolis and the Royals-Twins games.

It finally looks as if winter is over as we hit 77 degrees today.  We are hoping for great weather on Monday for Opening Day at the K.  My favorite quote about spring is a great one from Rogers Hornsby, "People ask me what I do in the winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." Well, spring is here and we can't wait.

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